Tuesday, May 19, 2009

CASSANDRA (2000-2009)

I've been crying my eyeballs out - but most of that is in remembrance of the good times. My many years with Sweet Sandals were filled with a beauty that words cannot illustrate. She blessed us all, loved and protected me the family to her final days, with the love that only a Good Girl could exert. She was the greatest gentle beast I have ever known. In the final chapter as I thought about our time, I realized that my relationship with this dog was pretty much the only one that I have in my life, that was exactly where it needed to be. As humans we always strive for taking our shit to the next level, knowing we can get more out of each other, and that is a great thing. But with your dog, man that sort of bond is so deep, that it teaches you how to be a better person to people around you. And she was such a good teacher. She was so sweet. And looked scary to people that did not know her, which was cool. Remember when she bit that kid at the park? Or how about when she used to clear that gap in the backyard at the purple house. Or really just how sweet she was. There are so many more things that were amazing about her, but she now sleeps in the realm beyond- and in time, we can try and remember those things. Thank you all. We all loved Sandy. RIP Cassandra, aka Brown Fang, aka Sandals Bear, aka Sandlewood, bka Sandy- my best friend.
I love you baby.


30cent said...

great photos, she sure enough loved that gotdamn space heater didn't she?

a great friend to everyone and a beautiful doggy soul, RIP to a true family member.

mcmooatl said...

a true family member indeed, i was lucky enough to live in the same house with sandy for awhile
wont ever forget my sore hand from gettin her butt pat, to rat hunting and weed t-shirts and the many memories of a truly loved lady <3 <3

esteban said...

Sandy will be greatly, truly, and deeply missed. A great soul to be accompanied by on one's daily walk through life, Sandy will be in our hearts forever. She's somewhere doin her doggy thing and being stoked that we are here talking and thinking about her in her K9 greatness. Miss you Sandy. Much love.

bite itself said...

words being insufficient to the task of celebrating such a righteous lady, i won't try. i miss her and am glad i at least got to see her for a brief moment recently, and got to make up songs to sing to her while you and your lady were out of the house for a little while. rip.

my thoughts with you, brother, at this moment of change.

King of Daves said...

Damn, man. I'm so sorry. I'm gonna miss not being able to bust a hyper-slap on that girl's hips, and have her love every minute of it.

Now she's chillin with Sluggo and all the other greats in the celestial hall of fame.

Next time you're drinking pour a little out for Sandals, a true friend and a beautiful lady.


andepie said...

Cheers to wonderful lady. I'm so sorry! She was damned wonderful and produced a lot of wonderful pics and memories. The way she leaned on people was for real the sweetest.

...aly... said...

...one of the sweetest beings I have been lucky enough to cross paths with...and pet and slap and hug. so beautiful. her kind spirit will teach dogs and humans for all time. (rip sandals)