Sunday, June 14, 2009


Crude 'Attitude' LP 2000, Straight Up Records/ 2009, Feral Ward

こんにちは。, readers of this. So this week we got a raging dose of Japanese Hardcore- the fastest, the most pissed, the most ripping. For sure you have grown to expect some next-level slaying when the words Japan and Hardcore are combined, here on this column or elsewhere. And rightfully so, because something special happens when the Japs start raging, something horribly precise that when done properly, can splinter your stereo and coffee table into a million pieces shortly after you drop the needle on that shit. Personally I view the Japanese bands in a whole different world alone, the sounds are different, the speed and intensity are unparalleled, and fuck..that shit is from the other side of the world from a culture that is generally interested in being (not to be too slimy but) more extreme than everyone else. And when it comes to hardcore, the records are more extreme than a motherfucker, which is exactly what you want when exploring the realm of fast and loud music. So having established that truth once again, Crude fucking slays. They hail from Hakodate, Hokkaidō, and many state their belief that Crude is the past 15 years' answer to Deathside, the legendary JP/HC band of the 80s that had much to do with the sound that Japanese HC bands and posers the world around emulate to the present. Wicked and nasty but still melodic and from the emotional core type shit. So anyways this Attitude LP is a special treat for us who do not live in Japan, as this is a North American re-issue of the record which originally came out nine years ago. For the rerelease, the LP has been remastered and it now spins at 45 rpm, the jacket design has been sharpened up, and there have been some ominous clouds added to the ostrich scene on the cover. These are all sort of minor adjustments, obviously it didn't need shit to make it better, but you know, leave it to the Westerners to do something like that. The 33 to 45 adaptation is rad though because the LP is clearer and louder now, which makes it faster, and helps Crude out because now the Attitude LP now sounds even more like razor blades and glass shards being shot from a thousand machine guns. It shreds- the guitars slay with terribly fury, the harmonized lead parts give it that authentic Japanese shredding sound, solos just singing all over that shit. Drums that break bones and never get weak or lazy. If you aren't into this than you've got a thing or two to learn of the world around you. If you are into this, check out the Immortality LP (2003, Deranged), and the Just Go Ahead 7" (H:G Fact,2007) cause they both slay the beast. クルード !

and this week with,
Dangerous Ed
Thanks for the love Joe. You're all 10 of my top ten this week.

I guess I should really list my top ten "whatevers" for the week then since no one wants to believe me that Joe is all 10.

The theme of my top ten is other top ten lists.

At number 10, I think it's important to list our nations top ten most wanted.
Usama is still on there, though he doesn't appear to be ranked as number 1 anymore. The rest of these guys look pretty lame. Where's the FBI's sense of hype yo? Maybe they should get some scarier looking photos up there if they want our help. Take a lesson from the media, if you scare people they consume...

At number 9, I have Billboard's top 10 concert grosses for 2009 to date. I'm always interested in learning about how much people make to play music. Some ridiculous figures here. At number 1 Metallica grossing $8.5M in Mexico City. Wtf?

At number 8, I have something awesome. Just link through dudes, but run some water in the background first to get you in the mood...

At number 7, I have hockey fights in the spirit of the Stanley Cup season. Nothing like a good hockey fight.

At number 6, I have a t shirt designer list. I don't like any of these and realize now that I really don't like other people's top ten lists. Other than the urinal site. That shit rules. So, I'm going to round out my top 5 with things I like.

At number 5, I'm really feeling inspired by Magritte lately. If you don't know who he is check this:

At number 4, I love this guy too. We're working on some stop animation stuff inspired by his work.

At number 3, Poop. Facts about it. Definitely worthy of a number 3 in the laugh scale. Plus, who writes about poop? Ever? Poop is a lonely thing and deserves it's spot on my list.

At number 2, I have to include this. Been one of my favorites since Spring Break '09.

At number 1, in true Letterman style (that means the number one pretty much sucks), This shit sucks. Don't even try it.

Ed is the man- a great man, for whom I have nothing but the highest respect due. From Massachusetts, Ed's been owning/operating the excellent Danger Press for years, and unless you've been living under a fucking rock this whole time, you would know that Danger is the best screenprint studio ever and no doubt ever ever in Atlanta. Were it not for Ed, and his faith in my top homeboys' potential, then much less creativity would have occurred throughout these past 3 or 4 years. Cheers Ed, a supersoldier hustler in these streets, serving the community. Power and Unity!

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