Tuesday, June 23, 2009

more on carrots

i just went to see Food, Inc. and if you guys haven't seen it yet and are interested but don't want to spend the $10 bucks to see a movie in the theatre, i'll tell ya about it.

Basically, the movie talks about how just a few corporations like Monsanto, Perdue and Cargill dominate the food industry because of their control over family farms across america. These companies get away with fucked up shit because they have connections within the FDA and congress, and also had close ties to both the Bush and Clinton administration. Farmers are trapped with debt so they are forced to submit to controlled output of crops.

It also talks about the several salmonella and E. coli breakouts over the past few years in products such as spinach, peanut butter and beef. Cows are being fed corn based grain instead of being able to graze on grass, which forms a new strand of E. coli in their feces, and because they are so closely packed together the cant help but get shit all over themselves, creating a mess. The runoff contaminates other green crops. If these people weren't so cheap and would let cows graze on grass, we wouldn't have such a big problem.

More and more people are being diagnosed and born with type 2 diabetes because cheap food is so unhealthy for you.

Oh, and we are fucking over Mexico big time, as usual.

So what's the solution? Buy from local farms, buy organic, buy seasonal fruits and vegetables.

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