Thursday, June 11, 2009


I cant believe this actually fucking works.

When i saw the microsoft videos i swore it was a total scam. either way, this could change the game forever. (hah, 'game')


esteban said...

Dude. Somebody's living room is going to get destroyed when we play FIFA on this thang. We may actually need to wear shin guards.

King of Daves said...

I think it's just microsoft's attempt at stealing some of the casual game market from Nintendo. They will probably make some fun games, stuff that can't be done on the wii and the ps3, but it'll still be party game/wii sports steeze. As far as the burnout demo is concerned, I'm sure everyone would rather play with a controller. Take Mario Kart for example, you can steer with motion, but who wants to play with that chunky plastic wheel when you get far better responsiveness using the joystick and the a button.

Lord Sabbat said...

agreed. its gimmicky and stupid. but it will probably be fun in a different way than the wii. this shit (supposedly) reads something like 48 different points on your body and can do facial recognition and all that shit.

actually now that i type that out it kinda sounds like some blade runner futuristic shit that im not really into.

tight nonetheless

King of Daves said...

I hope it can recognize massive erections so that you can smash virtual playground balls with your dong.

heated mammal said...

It'd be awesome if they made Bonin' Hero for this