Tuesday, June 30, 2009


No, no, no, prince didnt die. but, If all of you werent sad enough about michael jackson's death, ed mcmahons death, farrah fawcett's death, and billy mays' (strange death)... there is one more to add to the list....

THE PIRATE BAY is dead. within the next few weeks they will be acquired by a software firm that will be 'compensating their copyright owners for downloads'. This means that the pirate bay, the one voice strong enough on the internet to actually do some shit, has sunk themselves for 7.8m bucks. I mean, I cant really blame them but DAMN!

I guess we can hope its a hoax.

Sources HERE


bite itself said...

don't forget sky saxon (from the seeds). he died too.

Witchyard said...

Supposedly they are trying to further decentralize the operation. Operating with a third party tracker soon, but who knows. Regardless, the internets are full of upstarts willing to take the pirate bays place.