Sunday, July 19, 2009


Syphilitic Vaginas 'Syphilitic Vaginas' EP 2008, Rescued From Life/Hardcore Holocaust Records

Back with some ill shit (of course), this week we get our bones carved and skin peeled with Syphilitic Vaginas. Hailing from Japan, they are keeping the Japanese tradition alive in terms of beating our ass with the most slaying Hardcore records you could put on your stereo. The metalpunk total madness they slay has a speed and thrash sound with the puke sneer and grime punx sound...throw in some Motorhead and of course some spider piss and goat cum and witch eyeball juice mixed with Japanese Hardcore and thats what it is. And also G.I.S.M., the Japanese legends from whom they coined the Syphilitic Vaginas name, from the 1984 G.I.S.M. song '(Tear Their) Syphilitic Vaginas to Pieces.' This shit rules. They've put out quite a few records since 2005 when they began, each release rules and holds down their sound but also has some subtleties and leanings toward different metal realms. On the Black Motor Covenant EP its rough and shit but has this weird NWOBHM sound, on the Night Desecrate 9" it is metal as fuck, Celtic Frost styled black metal, and the new 12" split with the long going and ruthless Japanese HC band Abigail, that shit has that pure sound of the Japanese pioneers. And there is a new split 7" with Nunslaughter, which of course is some razor blade shit. Its impossible not to be reminded of all the hardcore heavyweights over there through the past 25 years or so when you listen to Syphilitic Vaginas, namely Deathside, Crude, Ghoul,Crow, Gauze, and all that shit, which shows that the SVs are doing it properly. They destroy. On this Syphilitic Vaginas EP, they smash through nine excellent songs and it has a huge sound to it, there is even a chainsaw noise in there somewhere. Powerful noises and ghastly demon hisses and grunts and such make it very wicked, plus like always the record is soaked with Satanic content which is always a good time. Where they are from exactly in Japan is sort of mysterious, in their interviews they dodge that question and instead flex real hard and make statements like "(we) start in late 2005 to spread gospel of black engine motorpunk like HIV virus. We are: Yusuke Flamethrower — Goat Horn On Wooden Coffin, Haruko Outlaw – Chainsaw & Black Lung, Masaru Iron Bitch – Loud Thunder & Chief Satanician. SV rule the planet with iron fist you no need any band else, we are god of metal." I'd say thats pretty worth looking into- that is, unless you are a real fungus lick who makes us get the douce-chills.

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