Sunday, July 26, 2009


Hatred Surge 'Deconstruct' LP 2009, Rescued From Life Records

Unless this is your first time reading the words here on's Album of the Week, you would know that Hatred Surge is the razor blade that kills everything. Their prowess, is the hammer that smashes your head into the floor, the on switch for electric chair death. They fucking kiss the viper's fang. We saw them play the other night with Mammoth Grinder and American Cheeseburger and it ruled. From Texas, the slayers in this thing are mindwrecking, in years to come this band will be remembered on par with the legends. I have been listening since 2005 with the s/t 7" and couldn't be more impressed with this new joint (and the current line up, as HS was a one guy thing for a while)- it/they fucking shred/s. The terrible power and intensity that is found here is unmatched, and the sonics maximize everything in a way that blows the paint off of the walls. At the end of the day, there are very few bands that can truly be thought of as "I am about this shit," you know, but I am straight about this shit completely. This is the essence of what heaviness is all about. I do not believe that the Deconstruction LP is out quite yet, but goddamn when it comes out soon, here is what I say. If you have ever cared about this record column, you will listen to it and you will bend, like a reed in the wind. "Deconstruction of the mind/deconstruction of the body//Deconstruction of the soul/deconstruction of society." Go to church

In effort to keep a proper visual dialogue on here, I thought several photographs may somewhat depict the emotions and innards that I associate with the reviewed LP.


Lord Sabbat said...

goddamn that tank jumping/about to smash that car is so fucking tight.

esteban said...

Joe, where did you get that school picture of ME? That's so crazy. I love that sword.

30cent said...

straight up and for real yall that tank jump flick looks how this record sounds