Sunday, August 9, 2009


Crow 'Flock of Beasts' 7" 2009, Prank Records

Ah greetings kinfolk. This week we get our asses blowed off with the new Crow 7", their latest effort on the completely great Prank Records. Now goddamn, Crow have been discussed on this column many times, their records reviewed, their legend hyped, etc. In few words, I would go to the wrongest depths of the underworld to lick their music from the blade of the sharpest samurai sword. They are unparalleled in the way that they slay shit, a truth made invincible with the fact that they have ripped shit for over twenty five years, longer than everyone else except for Gauze. So take note that Crow has been crushing everything with the fiercest Japanese lightening that you have ever heard. Fuck. Anyways I always get real charged when I get to talk about Crow and this new 7" is of course real proper. It contains the songs 'Flock of Beast I' and 'Flock of Beast II,' they both shred. The ruthless, evil anthem-style fury on this shit blows through the roof with the authority that very few bands have. And the venom sprayed all over it by the vocalist (whose name is Crow) makes their sound be the fucking kamikaze attack that it is. This joint is available now on Prank Records, who rules. Buy that shit direct from their eBay store for not alot of money- though surely it is worth enough to get your mind nice and fucked up. 無秩序の無秩序の破壊!

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Lord Sabbat said...

yea that bass solo was tha tits. daymn