Sunday, August 23, 2009


Kill The Client 'Cleptocracy' LP 2008, Rescued From Life Records

I couldn't really decide which slayed my eardrums more during this past week, so fuck it here goes two ripping plates that will assist in smashing your life to bits. These bastards are from Dallas and they grind the shit out of some shit. To me this represents the best side of all those bands that tough guy metalheads listen to and shit, it shreds super hard and is dope but at the same time a bunch of loser fucking dumbasses who like to fight may or may not love this shit. All that aside, this is grind in all its ugliness and there is something to be said for how proper that can sound. This is twenty minutes of power grind, constantly chopping the shit out of the heavy ass low end guitar work and losing your mind vocals. The drummer from Phobia plays on this joint, which rules as he is a beast, plus the production is way grittier and clearer than on their last LP, Escalation Of Hostility (2005). I liked that record also but this one is real raw, reminds me of Insect Warfare's World Extermination. One thing though, I stayed away from this band for a while because Kill the Client is a sorry and dumb band name, and I continue to think that, despite its nod to Glengary Glen Ross. Oh well, I can be swayed to look past that with a swolled out record like this because it slays, also they end the record with Infest's 'Terminal Nation.' Rescued From Life puts out vicious shit and this record is bangin. Watch their drummer do that shit.

Bookburner 's/t' 7" 2008, 16oh Records

This is some powerviolence shit from Philadelphia. These guys smash the hell out of it and are one of the more furious groups in the trash pile today, fury being one of the main identifiers for this sort of thing. To continue the everlong discussion on true powerviolence, you know, like a hundred different things have to be on point for it to be authentic and these guys maintain that shit. Sounds sort of like a mash up between Suppression and Capitalist Casualties, with a newer edge of maybe some of the recent New England powerhouses like Mind Eraser/Bookburner or Texas shit like Streetcleaner and stuff like that.. Plus they got a name like Bookburner, I'm not sure why these things always end up trying to remind us of other one word but really two words bands, I assume it has something to do with the uniform and pulling all the right stops out to make sure that the heads listening know that 'its legit.' Conformity aside this shit shreds, the recording makes the whole thing hiss and pound like a pile of irritable, angry snakes. Its very short though so you get to listen to it alot of times in a row. Artwork by Feeding, who we recognize from the Pig Heart Transplant LP reviewed a couple months back, as well as a bunch of other righteous records. Anyways this Bookburner 7" is still around so you can jump right into that cesspool at your discretion. "English Book!"

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