Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This morning i noticed, in a sea of hippie bumper stickers, an old school red and blue obama/biden decal. this vinyl relic (spotted looking sporty on a saturn wagon) is from way back in august of last year when everyone acted like they gave a shit about the vice president. in those critical days leading up to the election, biden played the role of trustworthyridiculouslycleansortofamericandream somethingforeverybodytypefatherfigure very well. aside from a few robotic tics during the vice presidential debates, biden made everyone feel comfortable. maybe whitey could stop being such a bully and get along with everybody afterall. today: clever tie coordination, tomorrow: the world!

now that biden is in office he has been conspicuously free from media attention. very little information is circulated about his background and activities while everyone is kept busy with obama mania twenty-four fucking seven. barackobama.com refers to obama and biden only as a fused entity in policy statements. whitehouse.gov gives a vague overview of his life and career with confusing references to personal tragedy but little else. so what has the old/young rich/poor happy/sad dude been up to? it's hard to say. he's made some speeches and appeared on talk shows but he hasn't really said anything. he got to meet bono. blog coverage centers around dumb photoshop and sob stories. the only dirty little secret most people can get their mitts on is that joe biden's son, hunter, is a washington lawyer and lobbyist. (p.s. obama doesn't like lobbyists)
i just wanted to know what sort of work biden has been doing but all i got was some shitty unilateral media one-sided glass. any corny horny magic shop employee can tell you that the hand you're watching isn't gonna be the hand working all the magic. it is very obvious that obama and friends have got the whole 'information' thing figured out and that us folks aren't invited to know what's really up. maybe with time, and if we're lucky, we'll get to see the tricks ditch the sleeves.


Lord Sabbat said...

i can say with all confidence that the blue/red oval sticker probably upped obama's appeal for the masses at least 5%. just the sticker. seriously.

Stick it on your prius and i hear you can drive in an extra special lane in DC. it actually hovers above the HOV lane, (literally and figuratively).

Since he got elected biden has been responsible for nothing but a few 'dan quale' like blunders. Cant remember specifically but its something like calling george bush 'gay' or spelling something wrong.

I guess were just used to a vice president who is actually running the country (cheney) so now we have high expectations.

really like that magic shop analogy. well said.

Witchyard said...

I'll take a do nothing over fucking Lord Vader any day.