Sunday, September 6, 2009


DJ Jelly + MC Assault 'Bouncin' 2' CS 1998, self-released

This shit slays. It is for real one of the best tapes ever, it destroys. DJ Jelly and MC Assault ran shit back in the day, and they still run shit and they are now called Southern Style DJs, with hundreds of tapes that demonstrate how much they are kings. These guys are legends down here in the south. They pioneered the down south DIY rap shit like 20 years ago, owning and distributing their mixtapes thing, way before that shit was how it is today. They owned 3 stores to sell the records/tapes/CDs around Atlanta, some still around. There used to be one that I checked out lots of times while skipping school at Peachtree Mall in Five Points called Tape Masters. It was a tiny store and they had tapes and tons of DJ shit and Jelly looks like an Egyptian kind of. I felt like he was psyched that I was in there exploring some real shit. This dude is sort of like the DJ D-Styles of the south, if D-Styles was a rap mixtape DJ. Tons of snippets and samples, like 6 records mixed together the whole tape, total insanity- especially for anyone who has ever cared about making a good and solid mixtape. This means you. Flawless shit that bumps every second of the tape, sort of like a pause button tape in that it is designed for maximum entertainment and fucking slays like that. They've played a major role in putting the south on the map, and Jelly often still spins weekends on Hot 107.9 FM and is in Oomp Camp and leads the Southern Style DJs. Legends in that they showed everyone else that we have a much more wicked and grimey style of doing things with rap music. They have lots of respect and influence on the game today, and they do lots in the community and always have. You owe it to how much it rips to know a thing or two about the story and acknowledge its history and shit. I have gotten way off track but that shit is important; anyways this tape fucking rules. Non stop ill shit that will wreck the speakers. AND Charles scored this copy of Bouncin' 2 from the thrift store and gave it to me. Everything so right. The Kilo track on the B Side "Lost Ya'll Minds" is my anthem now. Atlanta rules. Everybody knows that but we know it the most.


sixtythreebears said...

seriously my ass stays bouncin up and down for days after ive listened to this shit

Anonymous said...

some of yall done lost yall minds

that was my shit when it dropped.. and kilo's first joint was the first rap music i ever heard

word on this OG shit

tapemasters RIP

dirry thiry cent