Sunday, September 13, 2009


Disnihil 'Future Cancers' 7" 2008, Lifeline Records

So I usually avoid the whole 'Dis' prefix when it comes to bands (though Discharge rules and is the parent of all that), and for the most part I also avoid records that are described the way of 'D-Beat' hardcore, but this one slays. Though I am way into the d-beat sound from years of lore, I could care less about most of today's d-beat h/c bands, except of course the Japanese ones and the ones who pull it off perfect and blur the line between d-beat and it's much wickeder cousin, thrash, the metal side of the coin (note Disrupt, another exception to the dis prefix). Crust/metallic d-beat today is flavorless and sorry, too uniform and shit, and in this realm, also may or may not be toughguy/karate h/c, which is obviously the worst. Anyways both the dis and the d-beat details can be overlooked about this joint, this motherfucker shreds. It sounds metal, which is good for them because once again, d-beat h/c is boring and lame now. These guys are from NYC and have had a few releases prior to this 7" and they were far from being proper like this Future Cancers release is. This shit is real sharp and wicked, a real step towards the Japanese sound and even into Scandanavian blitz-core sounding stuff. And it having only 4 songs makes it blast, long hardcore records blow. Lifeline records puts out some shit that I am not into but this 7" rips and is well worth the grab, as it is currently in print. Gratitude to R McMizzle for the photo.

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sixtythreebears said...

sounds good. ill have to get that offa you. congratulations on the photo by the way. glad to see someone finally captured that beast