Sunday, September 20, 2009


Weekend Nachos 'Unforgivable' LP 2009, Deep Six Records

Alright then my brethren and sistren, this week we jump head first into a vat of Vasoline and razorblades, AKA the new Weekend Nachos record. Don't be fooled by the sort of humorous name because these Chicago folks pulverize and punish. There is no hint of fun or anything like that on here, instead it is the slowest and meanest Weekend Nachos material to date. Their previous releases such as the Torture EP (2006) and Punish and Destroy LP(2007) were angry, tough sounding powerviolence records, more or less they were proper and got a good several listens by myself. But this Unforgivable LP is thick and it pounds like a big fucking hammer. I feel it to have the most thorough album vibe than their other records, which is helped out by how slow this record often is, with huge bass lines and feedback all over the place. There is variety in the songs, with classic start/stop blast beats and really fast d beats they are able to wreck the shit in lots of different ways. The record slays most because of the dude playing drums, he has found the perfect drum sound for this kind of feeling on a record, very loud, very thunderous. The production slays, it sounds great- maximum damage to your speakers (foolproof). On Labor Day (one of the shittiest days to have a show) these guys came through ATL at the warehouses and goddammit I missed that shit. Which is wack most of all because you know they played all these joints off this record and as stated earlier, this is the best Weekend Nachos yet, it slays. They may or may not be straight edge? Who cares anyways Deep Six has always put out wicked hardcore and this LP is no exception to that at all. Available now, you should get this shit.

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