Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Classics never die

Dear Entrance (the entrance band). FUCK YOU! For real fuck you. your last album was so good. I took a chance on your vinylised recording and ended up with a couple of discs that id be ashamed to make into those melty ashtray things. The only good song on your new album was one that you already recorded on your last album and the version on your last album was better.

Also if i wanted to hear a song where you try and parallel MLK and obama.... well fuck you i wouldnt want to in the first place and fuck off for even trying to compare the two you bandwagon fuck. I hope your tour bus crashes while you are busy putting on your devendra banheart costume. Eat a dick.

You know what WAS a good album? Hank III Straight to Hell. Yea I know thats totally out of left field but the shit rules. seriously. As The grandson of one of the most bad ass dudes in musical history homeboy brings its strong for 14 songs straight. No one really tries to make whole albums that are worth a shit anymore. Seriously every measure of every song is rich in sound. Hes got a foul mouth, talks tons of shit, hates the president, gets fucked up on pills, whiskey, weed, wine, smashes hotel rooms, plays two sets at every show, and has a really annoying voice thats nothing like hank SR's that you start to love after about 2 minutes. what more can you ask for.

So many people hate country because the radio ruined it for everyone (i.e. hank III's dad and his aversion to be super ready for some football all the time). I mean I wasnt born here, but country music is a huge part of growing up in the south. Even if you dont like country music, this albums great from start to finish. Definitely the kinda shit that easily ends up in your regular rotation for life.

"put the dick in dixie and put the cunt in country"

Listen to this shit on some headphones for lots of nice little pieces of sound that you might miss on your home stereo.

get the album from this guy

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the xarlacc said...

aint it though. III rules, entrance sucks asses.