Sunday, October 4, 2009


Eagle Twin 'The Unkindness of Crows' LP 2009, Southern Lord Recordings
Here we have a record that is most smashing and bone crunching- A very wicked double LP from the strange and great Eagle Twin. This record recently came out on Southern Lord Recordings so you sort of can grasp the realm of metal it lurks within or whatever. The two men who are Eagle Twin smash the hell out of these sounds and do so with a sort of eastern hint of some prog or something like that. This is without a doubt some heavy, Melvins/Earth weighted stuff that pounds like such, but the album twists around and often drifts away in weird enchanted rhythms and that shit rules. The guitarist is of the no longer Iceburn who apparently were a big deal back in the day but I do not know, and he is currently a part of Ascend with Greg Anderson from sunnO))). Only have I this most excellent The Unkindness of Crows LP to bear witness that dude slaying it properly. There are about a million thunderous riffs on this shit and they all are pretty unusual and intricate in that they layer on top of themselves endlessly. Once again, Melvins sounding sludge mixed with thicker Om sounding rhythms and Neurosis from the 1990s (maybe). Old dudes rippin it and etc. The drummer is a beast, and the thickness that Eagle Twin achieves through crafting this weird landscape of baritone heaviness is totally wrecking. It churns around and shapes into some space ritual sounding music sometimes, and the vocals layer all over these drones and I think he's talking about obelisks and dinosaurs and timeless topics such as those. The finer moments are made of epic guitar harmonies and canon blast sounding drums, these guys slay and the record is long enough to explore it with new excitement as time passes. Eagle Twin performed most of this album last week when they opened up for sunnO))) and it was impressive. Not quite easy to describe, their heaviness pulses around with depth and journey like momentum and I guess they are a doom band but way more psyched out. Not too surprising that they find a place on Southern Lord. The record is nice, 180 gram double LP with the gatefold, a good listen because that shit is interesting and kind of challenging to listen to but it still wrecks. Anyways slow jams still rule- keep it syrupy.

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