Sunday, October 25, 2009


Lik 'Må Ljuset Aldrig Nå Oss Mer' LP 2003, Agonia/Blut Eisen Records

My nobles and fair maidens. Lik is from Sweden, this is some weird shit right here. Perfect for the most laziest of headbanging, when too tired to rage, but in need of raging. The gloom, grit, and general misanthropy soaking from this LP lands it into Black Metal realm without question, but most likely not the sounds you may expect to hear and shit. Lik rips sort of basic riffs and rhythms, the drums also quite simple but the combination straight slays. Not to be too stereotypical but it sounds like some castle music and shit, more or less part of the Viking sounding style of Black Metal, vintage sounds, death rock. These dudes rule that type of shit. The songs are dark and totally wreck shit. When I first heard the vocals it reminded me of a weird Rudimentary Peni sounding deal, the treble humming of the guitars with strange low pitched gutteral moanings, an approach that I have always been into. The muted sound of Må Ljuset Aldrig Nå Oss Mer makes it shred so much harder. I am not familiar with much Black Metal of this sound, but this shit rips so there is most likely a bunch of other outfits with a similar primitive rock n roll sounding crunch. I came across this joint on this dude Aesop's blog, the sharpest end of recordblog ubiquity. He mentioned that these songs are for listing to alone, for drinking alcohol (and using drugs) alone to. That shit is true. Who knows how to get vinyl like this, apparently there was an pressing of 400 in 2005, so you know how that went. My apologies to the Seekers of the Gramaphone Grail for not having been that good about describing the how/what about these records month. I did however, try and translate the Swedish titles of this LP, Lik meaning 'equal' and the album is something in the neighborhood of 'Feel the light never to reach us more,' which made me laugh because translations are busted. There are two other Lik LPs out, not sure about those. Power and Unity, you arses.

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