Thursday, October 1, 2009

In the grooming mood

...Just stumbled across this ongoing photo series called Dogwool by French photographer Erwan Fichou. Each owner is photographed wearing a sweater which was made from their beloved dog's hair.

Be sure to check out Fichou's website
here. In particular peep Les crieurs, Scooterpower, Deauville- 14800 and the highlights from his published work.

A side note: all you Georgia people with pets can attest to this pestering summer (and now fall!) flea situation. Here's a home remedy for flea repellant using Neem Oil. I would try adding some tea tree oil and lavender for itch relief. I've also seen a bunch of stuff suggesting to add a few drops of neem oil to regular dog shampoo to turn it into the flea ridding variety.

I have yet to attest to the recipe's success, but it's a nice alternative to incesticide laden, bullshit "ginger mango oatmeal" flea shampoo that makes your dog smell like a 12 year old girl's armpit, and doesn't seem to do the trick regardless. Remember...though neem oil is all natural and made from a plant, it is still very potent, so use it sparingly.

Neem Oil Flea Spray
1 ounce of Neem oil
2 ounces organic white vinegar
5 ounces of water

Shake well.
Spray your pet well with the mixture every 7 to 10 days.
Brush after spraying to work the solution through the fur and to skin.

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