Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Let Lightnin' tell you a story...

"The Blues According to Lightnin' Hopkins" (1969) is Les Blank's portrait of the legend Lightnin'. The documentary features performances from all over Texas...a living room, a backyard bar-b-q, a church, and a black rodeo; Blank also follows Lightnin' home to his boyhood town of Centerville, Texas. The film is just 30 minutes long but includes very special moments that showcase the people, places, and sounds of Lightnin's world. Part 2 has particularly candid and wise commentary on snake identification and what to do when you see a pig on the road in North Carolina.
Check out my youtube playlist with all parts 1-5.

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sixtythreebears said...

this is awesome. he talks about this and other cool shit in this interview: http://www.viceland.com/int/v16n9/htdocs/les-blank-127.php