Friday, October 30, 2009

Tales from the Crypt

The worlds largest retail giant has now ensured that they can come to the grave, rather, into the grave with you. So when you go to stock up on socks and white t's and stuff, you can do a little planning ahead and make sure that you get the lowest price on your sarcophagus.

Now thems some fine sepulchers. "Price check on Aisle 13, price check on embalming fluids."

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heated mammal said...

Hell yeah! "He died like he lived: cheap, disposable, and on clearance. A true 'Merican."

In Korea, the Wally-World-type store is called E-mart. They are generally 3 stories of stuff and 3 stories of parking. You can get all of your groceries, a 300 dollar toilet seat with warmers and electro bidet attachments for both genital types, and knock off North Face gear called West Face, Red Face, and (my fave) Black Face. I don't think E-mart is as evil though because they don't seem to create a vacuum of commerce around them like Wal-Marts do so well (according to the master plan). Also, they are rather spatially efficient because they don't have to worry about impressing people in speeding cars with their size. Also, e-mart is really big on giving out free samples and having girls in leg warmers who say hi to you as you walk around.

'tears welling, ready to drop'