Sunday, November 8, 2009


Pissed Jeans 'King of Jeans' LP 2009, Sub Pop Records

The new Pissed Jeans record rules, you knew it was going to but it nonetheless kills. A few months back, contributor Bite Itself revealed that this LP was about to emerge and that the Jeans were pretty much one of the only noise rock/post hardcore bands that are worth a shit these days. I would fully agree, especially considering that I am not even really interested in most of that shit anyways, a tired and blowed out sound, I listen to Black Flag instead. Anyways Pissed Jeans return from their last record, Hope For Men, a great record that was featured here on the Album of the Week around the time it was released. The excellence of that record made the task of putting out an LP that killed equally or harder than it was a difficult one, but King of Jeans rules too and is wicked enough to stand next to the Jeans other records no problem. They have a sound about them that is frustrated and confrontational and I feel like this new record captures that vibe in a new and different way that their LPs have in the past. This one features a sort of faster, more rock n rolled approach to the heaviness found on prior releases, though it still has some slower, dirged and sweaty moments on it. The sarcasm and apathy found on Pissed Jeans records is spot on. They truly slay shit and I really wish that they would tour the South because that would rule. These songs are wicked because they capture a strange and hopeless energy one often found on metal records. The way that everything is made fun of, and the generally 'over it' aesthetics that the singer soaks out shows the Jeans true colors, that life is a chore, who the fuck cares. Being that these themes are common to basement-style, in your face rock music similar to this, Pissed Jeans really nail it and are alone in their negativity, to which I award them props. It rules when you can count on a group to keep it quality and not settle for shit records that losers would be into. I feel like the cover artwork is a fitting one for this weird band, the shit looks weird and not really that cool, instead a strange and intentionally 'why this' picture. The inner sleeve that holds the LP itself has a totally ripping live photograph of the band, the singer getting yoked by this really mean looking sweaty girl. A quality offering from this fucking proper Pennsylvania band, on Sub Pop, and on heavy gram split-pea marbled vinyl. Grab it or be forever foolish. The video below is from Hope For Men, but it will get you charged to hear that new shit.


sixtythreebears said...

i imagine these guys as adrenaline junkies, real top gun types. they keep the energy level up, but they also take risks, diving their fighter jets unbearably close to situations that could end up sucking. instead they somehow know just how to balance everything and it rules. screw them and the accused for not playing here

30cent said...

yeah they would have a huge show here, i wonder what their problem is.

i want to use this space to relevantly state, again, the jebus lizard fucking killed the life out of the fuck out of the variety playhaus