Sunday, November 22, 2009


Liturgy 'Renihilation' LP 2009, 20 Buck Spin Records

This is the current LP release from American Black Metalers Liturgy, who are pretty fucking rad and have a powerful eleven song LP on the 20 Buck Spin record label. These guys are a four piece and they shred it pretty correctly on this record, much of what you might expect from a US Black Metal band in that they pull out all the Scandanavian stops and throw in some original sounds with a completely maxed out recording sound to bring it all together. The guitars on this shit are constantly pulling off harmonies, wrapping the whole shit up in a zillion layers of high pitched guitar shredding. Though the guitar action is incredible and gives the epic-style sound and tone to the record, the drums are of course what makes this motherfucker slay the most. This guy is pounding out blast beats at top speed, and is constantly slamming through fills in between his blasting, which sounds bad as fuck but also gives the songs dynamics and movement that allow for an interesting listen. The complex riffs and endless patterns from this band could have been really fucking boring, as many over the top instrumentalist-style metal is lame as fuck no matter how good the players are. Liturgy avoids this trap by the way that the album was recorded, a live sound that gives it a warm, punishing bleakness but also clear enough sonics to let the shredding skills be noticed and whatever. They sound a lot like Krallice and I just read that one of those dudes helped record this LP. Anyways they are from Brooklyn and so that may have some kind of hipster connotation but who knows. This LP is available now from 20 Buck Spin, Liturgy is pretty rad so give it a listen. Lo!

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