Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jason Childs "Georgia on My Mind"

Yo this is a music video that I just finished up for this guy Jason Childs. Jason's a super friendly guy who posted a few videos of himself on facebook and is now recording an album with producer Blac Elvis (just did that Beyonce track "Ego"), who is also an awesome dude. This is just something they had us put together as a little internet promo piece; it's supposed to be simple, but you still get a good look at Jason's talents. That's Elvis at the organ.

Also, we're supposed to go on a trip to the Mississippi Delta around Thanksgiving to film this banquet where Jason, Yung Joc and some others are playing. Apparently we're also stopping by Elvis' granddad's place in the town where "the Crossroads" are for a little jam session. His granddad is this dude:

Ya'll folks enjoy!

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