Sunday, December 6, 2009


Darkthrone, Dark Thrones and Black Flags LP 2008, Peaceville Records

This Darkthrone release is fucking rad because it is stripped down to the most basic needs of metal, to fucking shred and to do that shit in a menacing way. It is barely the greatest Darkthrone record but it cannot be ignored how Darkthrone continues to put out killer records and keep that shit moving forward, when all the other bands from the heyday they shared together have completely fallen off. I admittedly feel Darkthrone to be great almost always and on Dark Thrones and Black Flags they smash through ten songs, er battle anthems, that have pretty much the best possible metal/punk, punk/metal sounding riffage and pounding that you could ask for. Whatever you want to call it, Darkthrone are the invincible warriors of the Black Metal story, keeping a relatively low profile for all these years by more or less avoiding the sensationalism and controversy that follows Black Metal. Instead they keep it real and smash record after record out at their private studio in the Norwegian forest. This record came out shortly after the Fuck Off and Die LP, and for me it sort of sounds like part two of that. Their current thrashing Black Metal crust sound is a treat to listen to, it slays so hard, the riffs are so classic and it wrecks shit time after time. Certainly one of the baddest two pieces ever, Fenriz and Nocturno Culto shred and it would be fine with me if these records came out forever because Darkthrone rules. This LP and pretty much all Darkthrone vinyl is sort of pricey because that shit is an import, but whatever, these records are great and so worth it. I laugh and also think it rules that there is a song on here where they chant, "Hiking Metal Punks, Forever." Until the next time- bang ye cranium and get that shit all the way turned up.

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