Sunday, December 13, 2009


Gucci Mane 'The State vs Radric Davis' LP 2009, Atlantic/So Icey Records

Ah shit so the new Gucci just came out and it is a skullsmasher! After tons of records and mixtapes and all types of publicized stuntin, this is the first giant major label debut for Gucci Mane La Flare and I am way hyped on it. It is wicked. Gucci is the best dude out right now, no doubt. As discussed on earlier reviews of his music, the Mane has an old school approach to his flow, he spits nasaly rhymes that describe simple things but in the best way possible and he is a giant compared to whoever else is hot right now. Earning the reputation for jacking the Black Mafia Family a bunch of times and also for killing one of Jeezy's goons a couple of years ago has given Gucci Mane an enormous amount of street cred, and on top of that Gucci has been incarcerated for many months out of his whole fame, including right now on some unlisted charges. The guy is a monster and his impact can be seen everywhere here in Atlanta, and anytime you see an ill car, Gucci Mane's music is blaring out of that shit. He crushes the radio, and theres like a million remixes of his shit that have come out just so other famous rappers that wish they were on some Gucci Mane shit can be. Anyways on this new record, he pushes that shit up lots of notches from the last one, he can rap way better than before which is great because it was already dope. And the beats on this shit wreck shit. The joint starts off with this opera singer saying "Gucci, Gu u u chi" and then it justs stars blastin on some shit. There is some heavy beats on here, perfect for cars, clubs, and huge speakers. "Somebody help me, my neck hurts, my chain heavy." The token R&B tracks which are present on any rap record these days aren't horrible, and there are lots of bangin ass songs on here so the few that aren't are very made up for. It rules when something that slays gets better the next time it comes out and that shit totally just happened on this new Gucci Mane. Plus his ridiculously wealthy ass has more chains now, not sure if the Bart Simpson one is still around but I see a diamoned box of Arm and Hammer.. Lots of guests on here like Lil Wayne, Bun B, Waka Flocka Flame, OJ da Juiceman, even Devin the Dude. This record rules, this dude rules, Free Gucci Mane!


King of Daves said...

I bet you would bring a tear to Gucci's eye if he read that.

30cent said...

zone six where they dont bump blueprint 3