Sunday, December 20, 2009


Nazi Dust 's/t demo' CS 2009, self released/Youth Attack Records

I happened upon these guys when doing some investigating about the newest Cult Ritual LP, which is rad also but this shit slays. Nazi Dust are some super raw headsmashers and this cassette demo rules. Jagged and treble rich hardcore, not a far shot from the wave of hardcore bands that are a part of the current raw and raunchy HC sound today such as Aerosols, Cult Ritual, Total Abuse, Vile Gash, and shit that sounds like that-frustrated and cramped, like a sweaty, hot and super noisy basement hardcore show somewhere. But no beer spraying anywhere though because I think they got the xEDGEx which is whatever. The jangly guitars and papery bass sounds are manic as shit, the drums smash the hell out of them in a vicious way. Nazi Dust sort of remind me of Bone Awl in that it is stripped down and wobbly but totally smashes still. Vocals are in the angry white person style, so popular in this sort of thing but it works really well nonetheless. Nazi Dust makes fast music that is bleak, they are from Tampa so that means they are on some Florida hardcore shit by default, but I bet they wish they were from California or New England because Florida is weird. This is my record column. Anyways there is a forthcoming 7" EP that will be rad I'm sure, and Drugged Conscience just came out with a comp cassette with some Nazi Dust material on it. Good news is that these guys will be playing here in Atlanta on December 29, a Tuesday, at the Eyedrum. This is going to rip, as Aerosols, Failures, and Nazi Dust are by their very nature to be seen live instead of heard on record only. Alas the thing will be tight and good. You can score these sounds from Youth Attack Records, and I'm betting the band will have a gang of solid records at their show in a week or so. Until the next time, later on ye animals.

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