Sunday, December 27, 2009


Bite Itself 'slights / ruint wires' CS 2009, self released

To end up this year of pretty fucking radical LPs, and to keep the family oriented theme of this time of year, we get to hang again with records' cousin, the cassette tape. A couple more footsteps into the strange realm of Bite Itself, AKA weird yourself out for about ten minutes. This is the most recent release from the sonic experiment/collaborative with one constant person, here two anxious compositions to douse your listening in a thick, somewhat stressful fluid. The cassette creaks and moans around the stereo with unusual weight, quite immersing, so much that you ought to use the automatic flip on the tape deck in order to have several listens. Part I, 'drunks will arrange' has some swirling sound, shadow music stuff, sort of Melvins drums and hints of all kinds of weird things like Zbigniew Karkowski and other experimental, ambient harshness. Part II, with guest J Amoroso 'gallow's lament,' is a blob of bass drenched dirge, a bad dream of bleak and lonely superstitions that reminded me of Pig Heart Transplant, a band that shares the Oz of BI. And then, the mini album is over, and you have to wait through the frightening silence and anticipation for the cassette to end and CLICK super fucking loud because you tried to follow the included instructions for it 'to be played at maximum volume' but forgot that the tape was still rolling and got really startled when that happened, twice. Overall a solid release from our fellow contributor, Bite Itself, one that creates desire for more limited cassettes, due to the truth that so far, 'theys the cat's pajamas.' Contact bite.itself@gmail for instructions on how to acquire one of these, on the third or maybe fourth edition. It may be possible to strike a package deal with the 'shallow water' book on tape posted during last week, though rather unlikely, I heard he was a stingy old miser.

Click for a larger view. Thank you for reading all this shit every week this year, and before that, and perhaps even in 2010.


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