Sunday, January 31, 2010

記録 :日本の本格的な殺害すべて

Crude Immortality LP 2003, Deranged Records
Crude fucking rule and I reviewed their Attitude LP last year but this is so ripping as its own thing that I had to put it on here. Their Japanese Hardcore lightning straight smashes your head over and over, this is a collection of the bands favorite material over the years and so every song rages. Hard to imagine more energetic hardcore, harder to imagine what to put on the turntable after this beast finishes destroying shit. These guys have their own place in tearing shit up, the light speed drums and blistering bass let the dude straight shred flaming guitar solos all over it constantly, so wicked. My homeboy just let me 'hold onto' this because he lives in China and his collection is straight collecting dust. 粗野な規則!

Bastard No Hope in Here LP 199?, Bastard Records
This shit is so wicked that I find it hard not to jump out the window when it is on full blast. Bastard were from the early 90s and they fucking ripped that ugly furious style of Japanese Hardcore, sort of like Crow and Deathside, that straight nasty mean shit, really metal. This is sort of like the mean version of the Crude review above, these guys ripped through violent vicious maniac 2 minute attacks, where as Crude was more of the 3 and a half minute, positive message anthem thing. This is their Controlled in the Frame EP (1989) and the Wind of Pain LP(1990) on it, both slay so hard. Bastard sounds sort of like the British crust band Doom, if they were Japanese, if I can get away with that. Japanese electrocution style beating your ass.

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