Sunday, January 10, 2010


three LPs that are extreme and/or insane

Magrudergrind LP 2009, Willowtip Records
This shit right here is insane grind, and of course it shreds. Proper grind sounds here, no weak anything. Heavy as fuck and filled with wicked, horrible sounds to make you think all kinds of violent thoughts. And tons of ill samples, done right, with the best kind of humor/hatred. Maybe somewhere in between Spazz and Agoraphobic Nosebleed. They are from D.C., this is their second record, it fucking kills, you can get it now. It would rule if they toured for this.

Dark Funeral ' Angelus Exuro Pro Eturnus' LP 2009, Regain Records
This is insanely unholy Black Metal from Sweden, as wicked as it could possibly be. Dark Funeral is so on it. If you were ever curious about what is up with the most over the top, studio produced evil music these days, this would be the meanest, most insane Satanic blast beat symphonies that you could possibly hear. The songs are wicked, and so complex that it is beyond nerdy, they are shredding every evil sounding music scale at like 1000 mph . And all their records rule, I have often thought about putting one up for review here and this new one straight kills. And look at that album artwork that shit is scary as fuck.

Melvins 'Lysol' LP 1992, Boner Records
Well anyways it dawned on me that after all these records, I've never written about a Melvins LP, only have I worshiped them in subtle ways, and that is wrong. So this is my apology, a brief reminder/homage to one of the most insanely heavy and most completely flawless epic skullsmashers ever, the Lysol LP. Renamed under the threat of lawsuit to Melvins LP, this record is a masterpiece. Though the Melvins went on to record about a million other LPs that all wreck, this one remains in my top favorite Melvins record spot(s). It totally rules. So with that, listen to it and reflect inside the volume contained therein. Also, Lysol is one of the most sought after LPs ever, longhairs the world over would trade the use of their lower limbs in exchange for one of these original titled LPs. And it has two Alice Cooper cover songs FTW.

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