Sunday, January 3, 2010


Greetings yulers, this year is new and so is the deal herein. I will still be talking about records however I feel the proper way to be, and maybe that means one, or five, or according to a theme, etc. Who cares right? Well whatever enjoy the records this year, and the accompanying non neutral comments by myself. There are too many ill records around these days from past and present, and to be limited by one burst of that shit each week is more or less over, so BLAW!

7"s that ruled during this past week for me

Nazi Dust 7", 2009 Painkiller Records

The new shit from Tampa's Nazi Dust. These young men rip it up pretty nicely, fierce and raw hardcore, fast and ugly. Tried to see them the other night and missed out because I was late. But they had this 7" and that demo tape of theirs I wrote about. It slays!

Rash of Beatings 7", 1996 Sensual Underground Ministries
Seedy and gross metalcore/grind band from 15 years back. An an exception to the mutilated/rotten corpse album artwork = horrible record rule, this shit blasts and is grainy and totally ripping. They were from Arkansas and this was their only record I think.

Andy T 'Weary of the Flesh' 7" EP, 1982 Crass Records
Nice and rare 7" from the British anarchist and Crass affiliate Andy T. This is several poems with strange ambient noises and stuff going on all over it, a wicked listen and plus Crass guys don't get enough cred these days anyway. Super tight fold out poster inside, which rules.

Herds 7", 2009 Fashionable Idiots Records

It took me a while to get into this one but it is subtle with its attack and I think I am into it now. Herds are from Milwaukee, members from some other bands like Charles Bronson, whatever blah blah. This is some crust/hardcore shit, nothing too special but it rips a bit, and I know they put an LP out last year and I bet it is better than this. Still rad though.

Bacteria Sour volume II 7", 1997 Bacteria Sour Records
Here goes a limited comp from Pushead's record label, it made my day to find a copy a couple months ago. This one features several hardcore bands such as Devoid of Faith, Roswell Project, In My Eyes, Stompede, and Detestation. Not the illest comp ever, but a wicked release with crazy packaging and some ripe history.

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