Sunday, January 24, 2010


1349 Revelations of the Black Flame LP 2009, Candlelight Records

This is the new 1349, a hard to handle LP that takes a while to know, and it definitely rules, many great records take a long ass time to get to where they are-a rad thing. Their fifth LP, Revelations of the Black Flame is a strange, heavy Black Metal record that is way more bleak and dark than their earlier LPs. On those, 1349 earned their keep as the craziest and fastest Black Metal band known for pulverizing some shit, and Vice did a thing on them and anyways everybody knew them to be so fucking fast and evil and have the most incredibly mind-blurring drummer ever, Frost from Satyricon. So then this new one is highly anticipated and shit and is released- and light speed Black Metal is expected, but what the fuck? Is this 1349? The slow, scary and really noisy movements on here are many. This is such a rad LP, and the darkness and wickedness on it is remarkably potent. It even has scary pianos on it. They do straight grind some shit out sometimes but it is a far more atmospheric listen than anything they've put out before. It slays, its a slayer. And a pretty wicked cover of 'Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun.'

Peanut Butter Wolf Chrome Children mix 2006, Stones Throw/Adult Swim

Chrome Children is such a great mix, its been bangin for years and still rules. Peanut Butter Wolf always delivers, and this one straight slays. So many ill beats from he and Madlib, the late J Dilla is on it, Oh No, and lots of others. There are bangers on here and there are instrumentals, overall a solid fucking mix that is great over and over. And they of course talk about weed all stuff all over it because Madlib and them are the shit. After this one they came out with Chrome Children II, which listened more like an album but was wicked also. They're both great but I like this one a lot more cause that shit bumps mane, and plus there's a Gary Wilson song on here, check his record out you will be blown away.

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Anonymous said...

yea man that 2006 stones throw mix was the tits. i think the epic 'record shelf' project would have never happened without it. goddamn those mosquitos and flaming hot drill.

lord sab