Sunday, January 17, 2010


three records that I've gone to sleep to more than 100 zillion times

Creedence Clearwater Revival 'Green River' LP 1969, Fantasy Records
This is the second Creedence LP and it completely shreds. CCR is so good, and if you thought they were only for yokels and moustache radio shit then you are wrong. Their songs are near perfect and when you've had a fucked up day, or a good day, and you listen to this shit while you are dozing off, there is not a whole lot of room for you to feel weird or not relaxed. There are some serious singles on this LP and I usually opt for a bands' lesser known material but Green River is such a ripping good one.

Hawkwind 'Space Ritual' LP 1972, United Artists
If you haven't heard Hawkwind before then you'll flip out on this shit because it slays. They were a space rock band from England from the early 70s, really psychedelic and they ripped. This a live set that they played in Liverpool in 1972, and it rules because it gets more weird and delayed and all space rocking out as it goes on, hence my attachment to it as a go to sleep record. These guys put out tons of records and had all sorts of all stars like Lemmy from Motorhead and the dude from the Pretty Things producing their shit sometimes. Their self titled record slays also but this ones real dreamy and awesome. And also on my eternal LP want list. The packaging is insane, like 6 panels that fold out and are all wicked with the design of this guy Barney Bubbles, an English designer who was super rad.

Harmonia 'Harmonia de Luxe' LP 1975, Brain Records
Mane this one totally totally rules. I have ended like a million days to this record- it is the happiest and most magical/entrancing listen ever. I feel like it balances harsh negative music all day long because it is so smooth. These are the dudes from Cluster, a German kraut rock synth group who were a big deal, along with one other guy. The songs on here are all warm synth movements with happy computer sounding melodies and inspirational video soundtrack songs. Sounds weird I know but this shit is so good to listen to and plus it makes me fall asleep almost instantly. BiteItself showed me this record a few years ago and it has grown into a big deal since then.

Anyways its good to have some records you can count on when you lay your head down to rest. Honorable Mentions include:
ES 'Sateenkaarisuudelma' LP, Dungen 'Tio Bitar' LP, Earth 'Earth2 Special Low Frequency Version' LP, Asunder 'A Clarion Call' LP, Smashing Pumpkins 'Siamese Dream' LP n/h, Weezer 'Pinkerton' LP, Harvey Milk 'Special Wishes' LP, Flaming Lips 'In a Priest Driven Ambulance' LP


...aly... said...

Cool, I love this. I used to sleep with a michael jackson sticker clad care bear cassette player that was very tight. Maybe someday you can jam my old Muppet books on tape whilst snoozin'...Until then, thanks for the inspiring adult recommendations!

jdisco said...

Great post. My personal favorite: Bohren & der Club of Gore - Black Earth. Works every time. Also Tortoise's Millions Now Living Will Never Die

Lord Sabbat said...

man that hawkwind art is siiiick. also, you can sleep to special wishes? no wonder youre having crazy dreams.