Sunday, February 28, 2010


Forward While You Alive LP 1998, H.G Fact Records

We haven't been to Japan in a few weeks so heres this, a punishing burst of that Japanese mayhem shit that ya'll know I love so dearly. Forward are from Tokyo and they slay powerful and focused hardcore with an 80s feel, because they started then, and are still around. High energy as fuck, somewhere between the insanity of Gauze and the melody of Crude. Members of the legendary Deathside and Insane Youth also. The drums strait crush and there are gang vocals of poorly spoken English words a few times so obviously it is ripping Japanese shit that rules so hard it makes you want to jump out the window. H.G Fact is such a bad ass label, they only put out vicious mindmelters, and this one is out of print. Another thanks to Sam for some of his LPs, of which this came from. Great to see you brother- hold down the Far East. Till tha next episode...

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