Sunday, February 7, 2010

a Triumvirate of 10"s

Damad/Meatjack split 10" 2000, At A Loss Records

This plate right here has been a big deal, these two bands represented all that was was super heavy and weird at one time here in the South, and shared the stage together lots of times while I was a high schooler back home.Totally rips. Damad straight wrecked the US for many years and their uniqueness and the way they shredded put Savannah on the map, paving the way for all the bands everyones heard of from there today. They were incredible- one of the heaviest, slowest, most witchy and creepy bands ever, and this 10" has some of their best material on it. The Meatjack side is great too but I am incredibly biased- Damad ruled. R.I.P. Brian + Morrow.

Rudimentary Peni Archaic EP 10" 2003, Outer Himalayan Records
The great Rudimentary Peni, one of the strangest and most respected/confusing/totally over your head bands ever. Though is is one of their most recent releases, this band goes back to the beginnings of UK punk and their records Death Church and Cacophony and EPs of RP are some of the most wicked records ever made. These words only subtract from the ill legend or whatever that they have been and are. Though this 10" is not their best work at all, the songs on it are contagious and it rules. This band is true artwork, and since this is a 10" of theirs it had to be on my list just because.

Fields of Shit 10" 1996, Life is Abuse Records
This is the first 10" that I acquired, it has always ruled and still does. These guys were a short lived Bay Area band that had some dudes from Filth in it. Their crust thrash attack was, at a time, the nastiest thing I'd ever heard. So anyways these days I like thinking about back then and shit and so this 10" strait kills it. And within it I saw a thing for a Dystopia record and was like, who is Dystopia? And then found out about them so you know I have to prop Fields of Shit for that at least.

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sixtythreebears said...

fuck yes and double fuck yes. 10 inches are so magical, not sure why. keep up the good work