Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nada es Verdad/Todo esta Permitido

30¢ Black Fez #1 cassette 2009, self released

This is our boy 30¢'s new cassette, filled edge to edge with weird music that you haven't heard before, it slays. 30 always knows about some obscure rippers from halfway around the world and he blesses the ears with that shit on this cassette. This is his second tape of this season (which so stomps ass and lets all make more tapes), he starts it out with some Wipers but then it starts to get all fucked up with the most insane jazz ever and stays like that until its over. When I listened to it my melon sort of started to hurt from hearing weird noises over and over. There is dub and African roots and harsh sonics and lots of other stuff on there,Terry Riley, Pharoah Sanders, an all black late 70s thrash band named Death, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, tons of wicked stuff. This tape is rad because it shows clarinets and alto saxophones being more intense than most grind bands or whatever. Another fine series of lawless jams from Selector 30¢. Hit him up he is prolly down to trade. ¡Muerte a los cassettes falsos!

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