Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What does the healthcare bill mean to me?

To touch on some subjects under discussion. Yes, as the bill states now you will be required to get health insurance. For a quick and extremely simplified FAQ on the matter, go here:


and to take a survey to see how it actually effects you (posted yesterday) go here:

Washington Post

More overview year by year here:


You might not be happy with the results. but who knows, you might be! Its going to take me a long time to really understand what the fuck the healthcare bill even is, since it is over 2000 pages long. But you can be sure that your representative actually read all 2000 pages, right?.... eh... riiiight? hm...

This one is the most important and current:

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Destructo said...

Since the company i work for has less that 50 employees they will not be required to provide healthcare for me. But I will be required to purchase a plan. If I cannot afford it... Tax the rich! The only problem with this... oh yea, rich people own companies and are usually the ones providing other people with jobs. So, when the rich get taxed to death what happens? More people get laid off. But I still have insurance!

Maybe the government will start paying attention to the BILLIONS of dollars lost in Medicare fraud. We could probably use that to help people who are actually sick.