Sunday, April 18, 2010

AY Ohledoit

Twilight 'Monument To Time End' LP 2010, Southern Lord Recordings

This is US Black Metal group Twilight's new LP, it is their second full-length and it is a total slayer. This band is hailed as a super union of heavy hitting US Black Metal guys, Wrest (Leviathan/Lurker of Chalice), Azentrius (Nachtmystium), Malefic (Xasthur), and the dude from Krieg and from Draugar. They shredded shit, and the first Twilight LP (2005) slayed. Bleak and heavy and filled with dark blast beats and howls, the s/t LP was great but then the band split up. So anyways member by member they reformed last year (except the guy from Xasthur), and in Chicago they did this collaborative album. Lots of visitors dropped in on it, including A.Turner (Isis), and a dude from Om, end result is that the new LP sounds nothing like the first one. On this LP, the depth of the songs and overall feel of it is endlessly vast and layered with swirling, sinister sounds that make for an epic journey listen. The first LP was like being stabbed to death; this second one is like being killed by demons in outer space during the most realistic nightmare ever. It inevitably has some Leviathan-esque sonics but thats because the guy kills shit on drums. This whole record is wicked, no stone is left unturned, its authentic. Tons of melodic riffs and mooded brutality, experimental noises, held together with pulverizing drums. All in all, Monument To Time End is a depressingly heavy record, a whole and very creative release that rips and makes US Black Metal look wicked to the rest of the world. And the production is huge, way huger than the last one, which sounded like it was recorded in a coffin. This one super thick, all these guys know what they are doing and so the LP strait kills. The Southern Lord vinyl release happens soon, this record rules.

p.s.- does ya'll have any LEGOs that I can get?


30c said...

new twilight!!!!! shit!!! i didnt even know about this. shits gonna flip my wig, i'm sure.

kegbenk said...

man that drummer is a beasts. his ride sounds like he's hitting a pixies titty tho. ti ti ti ta-ta ti ti.