Sunday, April 4, 2010

Black Easter Eggs

Burzum Belus LP 2010, Byelobog Productions

I took last week off cause it was my birth anniversary, a huge xo to those that shared it with me. Anyways, back on the Easter rip now, and what better way could that happen than to write of the new Burzum LP. Unless you are new to this toilet Earth, you would know that Varg Vikernes is the fellow behind the music of Burzum, and for nearly 20 years, Vikernes has been the most controversial figure to ever exist in the tale that is Norwegian Black Metal, and all metal worldwide. He has ignited endless sensationalism and publicity in the way of Black Metal, and caused panic within and outside of Black Metal. His evolving ideological movement (and music), rooted in his version/understanding of Pagan pre-Christian Norse mythology, has taken place from behind prison walls for the past 16 years but he is out now, and recorded this record and it was just released. After pioneering the early Black Metal sound with several groundbreaking releases, like Det Som Engag Var(1993) which ruled, Burzum slowly shifted to an ambient and keyboard version of itself, the music taking the back seat to Vikernes authorship of inciting literature and hate movements and shit like that, which has gained him both cult following and reverence from all kinds of weirdos worldwide. But you would have thought that this is 1993 again because Belus sounds almost identical to the early style of bleak, wrenching Black Metal that, regardless of personal preference to like or dislike Burzum/Vikernes, Burzum undeniably helped shape in a giant way. This man is truly on some other shit, be it nonsense or the Return to the Kingdom of Odin, and anyways the new record slays, and is quite fancy as you would expect it to be after 11 years of no releases. It has that sound to it, imitated by endless bands, but this is the real deal. A solid and interesting plate, and it has a long ass story to go with it, and it shreds. All of those qualities rule so take acid and sell your children to Satan. And extra whoa because its Easter and Christ hath risen.

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Lord Sabbat said...

tight. burzum and swamp ape use the same font.