Sunday, April 11, 2010

Die Hard(s)!

Darkthrone Circle the Wagons LP 2010, Peaceville Records

Smashing the fuck out of some shit once again, the mighty Darkthrone return from the snow capped mountaintops of Norway to perform genocide on fakers of Heavy Metal. Grandfathers of the Church of Real Metal, their visionary wrecking blackened speed Heavy Metal Punk is flawless on this new one, which completes the triad they have built within the past 5 years or so with Fuck Off and Die(2007), Dark Thrones and Black Flags(2008), and now Circle the Wagons(2010). For real all of those records are the greatest version of old school Heavy Metal happening in the present and that shit is beyond wicked. They are the masters of this type of thing and this new LP of theirs totally slays. It is their fucking 15th album, but I was so excited for months about its release but now its out and so Hell Yeah. They are one of the top all time greatest bands ever without question. Darkthrone vinyl is always hard to get, the first pressing is gone already. But if you recognize that Darkthrone is the end all name of True Heavy Metal Professors then you will likely be blessed with one of these LPs, I seek that path for myself at least. Hail!

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