Sunday, April 25, 2010

twice the mustard

Black Breath 'Heavy Breathing' LP 2010, Southern Lord Recordings

Greetings Warriors, here an offering from the kult robes over there at Southern Lord, who are always pushing blackened records, and to my surprise they are putting out something like this crossover hardcore record. It sounds like part of the wave that may or may not have something to do with bands who make tough sounding hardcore, that sounds a certain way, and has produced bands that lean on the Heavy Metal side of things because it is currently the thing, karate kicks and floor punchings and stuff aside, they worship Converge and what do you know, this record is produced by the dude in Converge. But all that shit aside, whoa this record rips. Totally fucking ripping Swedish Death Metal album. It sounds like Entombed and Dismember, and those bands are kind of the only reason this record kills. And again it kills that sound, the razor sharp one that weighs a million pounds from Sweden. They are from Seattle, and I just saw they will tour here next month. Maybe they will have the LP, only the CD is out now for some dumb ass reason.

High on Fire 'Snakes for the Divine' LP 2010, E1

Well everybody knows about High on Fire, probably to the point that that shit is not of interest due its overwhelming presence and shit. But let it not be obscured that they can fucking shred some shit so hard. This LP is the best High on Fire that I've heard since 'The Art of Self Defense' (2000), though they kill a club show always. On this one they got it right, it is a genuine Heavy Metal record with epic songs and shredding guitar solos and Heavy Metal drums and bass that straight pound with trueness. Motorhead has given them the seal of approval, and this dude was in Sleep, so a million years later they are still doing it right and now I listen to them again. Banging on shit, good recording, Frazetta style cover art= that shit. Theres a ton of slaying records out right now, 'break yo self fool!'

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