Sunday, May 23, 2010


Ghast 'May the Curse Bind' LP 2010 Flenser Records

Whoa this is the shit. So pleased I am, to have been able to satiate my hunger for kult riffs and lurching grittiness once more, for Ghast hath answered my prayers. Blackened blackness from Wales, this is their smashing debut release, though the band did some other stuff under a different name before this. This is the best blackened doom in some time for me. The funeral hammer drums and bass kick the shit out of shit. I hear quite a bit of 'De Mysteriius' era Mayhem influence on this, not an easy feat to pull off because that record is legendary. The three members of Ghast shred through five fine heavy metal songs this on this LP and the endless nods to mid 90s treble soaked sludge Black Metal, pure raw blackness, makes it rule even harder. Lots of slow dirges and bleakness make the record just straight slay, over and over. The 2xLP preorder is happening right now, though the record is two years old, and really proper.

and R.I.P. OH NO, may he paint endless ground up skulls/half skulls in the afterlife. RESPECT HOMIE!

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