Sunday, June 27, 2010

Monday Massacre

Mr. Oizo 'Analog Worms Attack' LP 1999, F Communications

This is the straight up masterpiece from French beatslayer Mr. Oizo. Nothing new about it, this record kills and its been wrecking the living shit out of stereos for over a decade. Some of the tightest beats ever are on this record. They are perfect and they melt everything because they are so wicked. Now don't get me wrong, there are just a few, like barely, some shit on here that I can't get with, but that is because this is French house music, and the times I can't get on it are the parts that fall under the house music part. And I know that this is a record review column with a megaton of integrity to maintain, so yeah right would I ever fool anyone by reviewing a house music record?! Oh hell no. This is more like music that aliens listen to while they smoke weed and do gang shit or some weird shit like that. It is so heavy through most of it, all fuzzed out, explode your head 808 bass hits but then it has loops that you'd hear somewhere lame like an elevator. He calls it 'dirty house.' Oizo slays this shit. His name is Quentin Dupieux and all his music and movies since this LP have been rad but weird as shit. This dude paved the way for groups like Justice and they're down and collaborated mad times so you know, he is the OG shit. You could easily loose your mind to this record, anyways I had to review it sometime. And also Flat Eric is the homie.

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