Sunday, August 29, 2010

Alvin Lucier 'Bird and Person Dyning/The Duke of York' LP 1975, Cramp Records

The godfather of experimental noise getting down, descending the depths of strangeness and sonic invention. Born in 1931, Lucier was a mad scientist musician for real and this is but one of his amazing works. Recorded 1972 in the MOMA, this piece 'explored many composites of one sound,' but whatever it sounds way fucked up. He approached his music much like a composer but was mainly interested in the interaction of sound with and through different spaces and shapes. Anyways It crept on me the other day while I was chilling out and next thing I knew there was the scariest 1930s sounding song panned and delayed all fucked up, mesmerized me. Before I looked into who was responsible for this strange sonic hallucination of mine, I sat and enjoyed it for some time and it kept getting weirder and so did I. This is very cool and has some reissues available also.

Christian Mistress 'Agony and Opium' LP 2010, 20 Buck Spin Records

This Christian Mistress shit is something else. With a ripping power metal sound like a direct kick to an eyeball, this is female fronted straight up Heavy Metal. Way different than just that though because it sounds like this could have come out when Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden and classic fucking bad ass metal was ripping hard then. Her vocals definitely nail the whole time capsule Metal thing as she sings like back in the day, but it definitely is hard to deal with a couple of times. Anyways when she shuts up the guitars start SHREDDING big time. Harmony solos all over the place I'm saying it stomps ass. I admit I'm not a huge 80s music guy but this throwback shit slays proper, out now. And they play here in ATL on October 19 with Thrones.

White Boss s/t LP, 2010 Perennial Records

I enjoyed this quite a bit, crunchy fuzzy hardcore, drawn out and not very tough and the songs too long. With a heavy 80s punk sound like Die Kruzen or Discord bands, but from Washington so with a sort of modern northwest coast Sex/Vid looseness, this is on the stranger end of hardcore today and so that does it for me, as it is creative and strong. The songs blend together and it is sleepy at times, though it definitely does pound and lurch around with sludge but this is not Metal at all. I heard a demo before, but this one sounds way better to these ears. And they play here on Tuesday the 31st, with them wild ass Bukkake Boys so things will surely get interesting..or else!


30cent said...

that white boss/bukake boys show will be titties

glad to see you are bumpin shit like alvin lucier... you might also check out types of shit such as iannis xenakis, and certain john cage pieces. It is contemporary but Loren Mazzacane Connors "long nights" is dope too. and weird.

kegbenk said...

my dogz. good calls on that post-experimental noizery shit xarlacc und thrdy. love it. as long as we doin recomends yall should pick up John Oswald's plunderphonics and Bob Ostertag's Sooner or later - the later being made exclusively from a sound recording of a salvadorian boy burying is father. heavy shit.

the xarlacc said...

whoa, true that. was his father alive or dead? because that would drastically alter the sonics

kegbenk said...

actually the kid is just burying him in debt from college loans. it features that lesko dude with question marks on his suit.