Sunday, August 1, 2010


White Shit 'White Shi'ite' 10", 2010 Wantage Records

The guys from Karp/ The Whip/ Wrangler Brutes/ BigBusiness/ Melvins/ etc done did it again, oh my it slays. This time with a dose of the gritty sound, heavy and pounding and designed to bitch slap presidents and world leaders alike with a vicious backhand. These men deliver the goods each time and the B side is a G.I.S.M. cover...they aren't fucking around at all. And how it looks obviously rules and White Shit is such a rad name. Oh hell fuck naw!

Dead Prez + DJ Drama 'Revolutionary But Gangsta Grillz' mixtape, 2010

They finally met up to do a Gangsta Grillz tape and it pretty much stomps ass. Militant shit that you would expect DP to keep discussing but over all types of radio beats and singles that mostly sucked but now they are good because Dead Prez slays. Newton, Seale, Garvey, and X and MLK are all mentioned a thousand times but for the sake of those who've never heard of them that are listening, thats a good idea. Practical like an intel brief for street soldiers in their rides. Reaching Bigger Goals/Real Big Guns/Real Black Girls/Ready to Bust Gats/Rollin Big Ganga/etc.

BIPPP 'French Synth-Wave 1979/85' compilation, 2008 Everloving/Born Bad Records

This comp really kicks some ass and is also way weird. It is all kinds of groups from this movement and I, who know very little about that sort of thing, was super impressed on how wicked this was. Its so styled out and the beats are all futuristic sounding from the past. Electro is rad and many of the records I've reviewed on here such as Mr.Oizo and Daft Punk likely took their cues from these French groups. Most of the songs are great, some are most crucial like the Deux and Visible ones, and the Mary Möör song 'Pretty Day,' which I heard last weekend being spun by some otherwise sorry ass DJ and it weirded me the fuck out but was awesome to hear. Anyone would like this because it rules.

Prurient 'The History of Aids' LP 2002, Hospital Productions

Noise/Power Electronics is the sole chapter of my record collection that I approach with fear, and rightly so. These records are different than ones you listen to usually. Anyways this man Prurient is a heavy hitter in the realm of such and I got this slayer on LP the other day after it had been unearthed from a release of 1000 in 2002, so I was real psyched that happened. But then it hurt me when I listened to it later on when I was drawing. It is so harsh and intense but put together masterfully. All of the lyrics on it were appropriated from the Sufi mystic poet Rumi, who lived in the 13th Century and is interesting to learn about. This record will break your head on the concrete.


and some Honorable Mentions, that everyone knows about, but still kick a lot of ass and ought to be recognized for it

Ceremony 'Rohnert Park' LP 2010, Bridge 9/Deathwish

A pretty good record, I found myself listening to it a few times, and laugh at how the Black Flag grit sound became more popular with the tough guy hardcore bands this year. It has a cool sound to it but I bet tons of markus' are into it.

Big Boi 'Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty' LP 2010, Purple Ribbon/Def Jam

Yeah this one smashes, most of it, it would have made the review but there is some strait bullshit bad songs on it. Anyways as a whole this is creative, future rap music. When it is good it strait rules. 13 years in the game, also he and I both are from Savannah so wtf. It ought to be bumped if you live in Georgia or are from here because this man has respect all over the world for being the shit.

Angelo Badalamenti 'Soundtrack from Twin Peaks' CS, 1992 Warner Brothers

Now this one right here is for the true Fire Walkers. If you are into this, then you are on some other shit, and you know that this music fucks your head all up. 'Heaven is either an old belief or a place of once great goodness swallowed by hell, and the only place that really exists and has influence over people is hell. Through the darkness of future past, the magician longs to see. One chants out between two worlds, Fire Walk With Me.'


30cent said...

erif... klaw... htiw... em
cheers on the badelamenti, this guy rules and i saw this on vinyl once a few years ago.

also, i can appreciate the placement of RBG in the main section and big boi in the after thoughts. both slay for sure though...

and finally, i cant wait to hear white shi'ite!

kegbenk said...

big boi and kegbenk representin derenne middle school! westsiiiiiiiide!

the xarlacc said...

and me fool! what u know about them Dolphins mane?!

kegbenk said...

shiiit. i did not know you had also went there. or perhaps i did and forgot. dolphynz 4 lyfe negroid.