Sunday, August 8, 2010

Poppin Kite Strangs

Acid Bath 'When the Kite String Pops' LP 1994, Rotten Records

Southern death sludge from almost two decades ago that shreds. If you smoked weed in the South during the 90s then you inevitably heard it but this shit is a permanent slayer. Strolling down memory lane to back in the day, the southside of town was full of metalheads. They all skipped school all the time and smoked weed all day and listened to Metallica and Acid Bath and Pantera all day. My homeboy was down with one of those said dudes because he moved from my neighborhood to the southside. So anyways even though I knew Metallica shredded, I hated Pantera and I was not into Acid Bath either because I thought they sounded like Soundgarden and that sort of thing, which I had determined at that time to be not cool anymore. But the years have been very kind because I guess I heard it enough times for it to start to destroy and now I think of it with total respect. And I know why stoners would skip school to hit a skull jester bong or some shit to Acid Bath all day. Their songs are epic and singer Dax Riggs is a worthy poet and they shred. They were like the Louisiana version of a death metal Sleep. Or a more heavy Skynyrd sound mixed with Buzzoven or EyeHateGod or some shit and anyways every Southern metalhead loves this. There are even Blue Velvet and Clockwork samples on here. Their next and final record 'Paegan Terrorism Tactics' (1996) was ok but this one rules. Also the cover painting was made by John Wayne Gacy which adds that extra layer of 90s whatever to it. AND whoa the 'kite string popping' is scary. I've always wondered why there are balloons on the cover instead of kites.

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