Wednesday, August 25, 2010

real trill shit in the rotten apple

hey guys, I want to share some special landmark experiences with you all -- I have finally seen some Cope2 throw ups in person. This fool had like 15 of them going vertically straight up a wall somewhere in the Bowery. It was probably some kind of legal because Manhattan is almost impossible to paint and it was such a high profile spot. But a triple quadruple OG like cope 2 can do whatever the fuck he wants. This fool is one of a handful of people to ever King this entire city, trains and streets. And he's ill as fuck, I hope some of youse (haha youse) have seen the Cope2 Kings Desttroy vid. I have that bitch on VHS tape and I've had it since like 1998, so I have been crunk on this fools shit for mad long. If you haven't seen it, we'll watch it sometime when I'm back in the barrio, where I belong.

Anyway, this is Cope's story, as he tells it. what a ill fucken dude:

And another nyc graffiti experience that is so ill I have a really hard time telling you about it second, but if anyone deserves to be spoken of first, its King Cope. But anyway. So on my first trip to the Lower East Side, coming up out of the subway I saw a fucking pristine MQ throw up. It was on the first landing on the stairs just under the street. There wasn't any other ill shit in that spot but a million tags and half assed shit like that. The MQ was the classic joint he came out with like 30 years ago or something, and silver and red. It was in the dead ass center of the wall, covering up a gang of wack old shit, and no one has caught any tags even REMOTELY close to it. This is such an ill thing to see as MQ is one of the true OG triple OG LES hardcore gangsters. And I say "gangster" with all the respect and recognition of a trill ass motherfucker that the term can carry. MQ is one of the pioneers of New York Hard Core and founders of DMS crew. If you don't know DMS crew you better ask somebody. Doc Marten Skins, Doc Marten Stomp, Dirty Money Syndicate. They are basically an NYHC gang comprised of the gnarliest old heads from the old days who have not turned their back on kicking dudes asses and doing illegal shit as they have gotten older. MQ was around the LES and alphabet city when it was a bombed out wasteland of blocks and blocks and blocks of abandoned buildings. One of the most lawless places in-the-fuck-ing-world at the time. The urban refuse and waste that begat such bands as Agnostic Front and the Cro-Mags etc. MQ still gets wild respect on the street because he earned the shit out of it, the hard way, over and over again. I'll flick the throwie one of these days, I doubt it is going anywhere unless the buff gets it.

DMS info, MQ flicks:

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the xarlacc said...

yes, that rules/d. what you are witnessing is the guys who invented how to fuck shit up all over every city ever, guys who took the mentality of the 13-18 year olds who invented NYC graffiti well into their adulthoods. strange stuff. i feel those dudes have inspired endless armies of your average letter/color obsessed graffiti Nerd to transition into street thug/most gangsterist tough guy Vandal ever(in their minds). and with that aesthetic comes endless stuntin, endless competition to out-tough ones peers with even more gangster looking shit. of course always in only black/white/silver/red. that MQ throw is just about one of the toughest throws that ever happened.