Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Firing Squad

as you all know, graffiti rules, and good graffiti is even better than that. I cannot imagine a time that I won't notice or care about it, and as long as I am visually bombarded with endless capitalistic devices/ads/signs/etc that make my life worse, I feel my spirit renewed in the illegal paint that also exists. anyways here is some of my collection, of which I plan to share more of in the future, but this time only fire escape flix!

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30cent said...

maaan NORM is crucial. I had the opportunity to flip through the SABER book the other day...really, really dope. one of the best graffiti books i have ever seen. it would even be worth buying, but even more worth racking.

NEKST MSK is also really large around these parts. i have some ill fire escapes on my building, maybe the good homie will bless this toxic shit hole with a fill in or somethin this weekend...flixxxx