Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Time travelling.

This video/song is unbelievable.

Name the special guest and win a prize.

Oh, and we all knew hey joe was a hendrix song, but apparently these dudes stole it from some scotsmen. first.


the xarlacc said...

wow damn!

that Ravi performance was unreal! mesmerizing and soul stirring. so rad to look at people back in the day, I was imagining 60s versions of people I know. was the special guest Jimi Hendrix? I spotted him. or maybe it was the old woman playing some kind of magic instrument at the end?

that Leaves 'Hey Joe' kicks ass too. Hey WHAT!

kegbenk said...

JOE!... that's what

I'm gonna go with special guest... G. "dubs" Bush

I know he's in there somewhere

miss u guys