Monday, June 25, 2012

Super Sketch

I had the opportunity to participate in really unique event in Busan this weekend.  It's dubbed the "super sketch," and is a meeting of live music and live art.  I've seen events like this in the past, and they've usually been pretty, well, uneventful.  It's difficult to coordinate such a thing, getting musicians and artists on the same page.  This gig was quite successful however, and I was lucky enough to be invited to this.  Myself along with my buddy Chris Cote managed to create a pretty excellent set.

The event is the idea of Sean Maylone, the founder of SuperColorSuper, an art and band promoter here in South Korea.  He (along with Britt McKee from Busan) helped organize the venue, the bands, and even set up an art market for all the artists participating to sell their work.   Even though he is constantly at risk of losing money on events like this he continues to push for a good indie/art scene here.  With the overwhelming power of K-Pop this is no small feat.

The name of the band we played with was sleepstalker.  The band consisted of only two (at least the night we worked with them) and played some beautiful shoegaze noise.  They are a Korean band, and though lingual communication between us was limited I feel like our art and their music went very well together.

I worked on about 9 different skulls for the event.  Utilizing two overhead projectors, Chris and I arranged, layered, folded, peeled, and manipulated the images for a 30 minute set.  We'd practiced some, but it was really a seat-of-your-pants type of show and we both finished the set feeling pretty good.  We received a lot of good feedback from those in attendance as well.

Here are some of the pics, credited to Beth.

This is not the band we performed with, but they were quite an was a bit confusing to hear Koreans sing a blend of punk and traditional Irish music.  Complete with lute and banjo, this 6 piece was a ton of fun to watch.


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