Monday, June 25, 2007

california love

greetings from a swamp ape's california adventure! staying sane includes updates in the blog. the scenery is beautiful and the swamp ape mastering is coming along well. all this sun is good for the brain.

the pops' pool

cute ass dog

see, tahoe is where we go to chill and fish, but it happens to be on fire right now

yea, the newsteams pretty beat up about it

not village

holy shit this is a cute ketchup

THIS... well... everyone should just see this


zarlacc ape said...

sup left coaster, ill post. that crash was harsh ..when i was like 9 my dad made us go to an air show and me and my brother complained the whole time, so our fam left before it was over and a blue angels' jet fuckin crashed and killed people. so it was tight that we had already left you know

Tj said...

i can't wait to hear the new ape recording....i got a bunch of ideas i'm working on for the animation for it