Monday, June 25, 2007


sitting here in portland on this computer.
things is going well. crashing a lot with crusty dudes. super down bros all over. most people out here are on unemplyment and food stamps so nobody really has to work. the children of hippies brewing their own absinthe. bonfires. vampires. house shows.
hard to shower. shave. not smell bad.
some rad bands we've encountered: Monsters of pot. (fucking rule, minnianapolis is down)
Wolves in the throne room (haven't heard them yet but all the dudes we crash witrh are into them, someone said they're "forest metal" gotta hear.)
maybe a post ;later if i get to a computron. love to the ATL.


hassan i said...

wolves in the throne room own. washington is the shit.

articlescollective said...

dude come see me in sacremento!

zarlacc ape said...

for real them wolves are ripply. whatuup jeff and llw and nick and my ape!